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Oliver + Felicity ||The Man Under The Hood



It’s been a while since I’ve gone and f**ked things up; just like I always do.”



Oliver Queen x Felicity Smoak

- 2.20 Seeing Red



Oliver´s * how could you think that I would EVER say “no” to you” face.


Olicity + more moments. [2/2]


Now what, boss?

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2x19 drabble


Yes, another one. This isn’t a spec fic though. It’s a ‘what if’ twist on the Slade attacking the lair scene. Just a little thing that popped into my head while I was watching a gif set of them jumping over the railing for the four hundredth time. And because I can’t seem to be able to wait another 8 hours until this damn ep airs. 


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Anonymous: Felicity's new to Queen Consolidated and flirts with a cute guy in the break room. She has no idea he is the CEO. 


The hairs on the back of Felicity’s neck prick when she hears someone come in the breakroom, and she straightens from being draped over the counter. She already knows who it is without turning around; he’s the only one who can evoke such a reaction from her by simply being there. Since she started here at QC three days ago, she’s seen him every day for ten or so minutes, and in that brief time between sipping their coffee, they flirt. He’d cast her heated glances and she’d stumble on her words, which cools the gaze by the cute smile that seems to take over his whole face.

As he draws closer, she forces down the shiver that runs down her spine when from, the corner of her eye, a strong and capable hand reaches out to open the cupboard to her left.

“Sorry,” she mumbles, sidestepping to her right to give the man some more room.

“You’re fine,” he replies, his deep rich voice caressing her bare arms, and goosebumps erupt all over when she detects a smile in his voice. “Tired?”

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Love’s Lookin’ Good On You


Title: Love’s Lookin’ Good On You
Category: Arrow
Word Count: 1080
Rating: M
A/N:Here in PA, we lost thirty degrees between yesterday and today-I needed to escape to the heat again :) Thanks to effie214 for the feedback and title suggestion. Said title is from the Lady Antebellum song of the same name.
Summary: But if there’s something he’s learned since they’ve been together, it’s to expect the unexpected.

Embrace it.
Read: AO3 or here

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